Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quantum of Awesome

My new most favorite thing is the new James Bond movie. I just watched it for the second time this week. I never re-watch movies. I never watch movies by myself for that matter. I want to see the next one, Quantum of Solace, so bad my eyes hurt.

What is awesome about this movie? Realistic martial arts that really look like Judo inspired street fighting and not staged nerve strike "Judo chop" BS. Brutal, smart, and frigid assassin style Bond. The guy uses his head and doesn't just mow everybody down and escape every fix with a slick gadget. He uses Judo, and brains, just like the books. Then there is the overall fascinating insight into the character of Bond as they rebuild him from scratch.

And on that topic, I love the way the music builds thematically. The opening theme is great. You never hear the classic theme though. Mostly there are a lot of reflections of the opening theme throughout the film. But that theme fits so well within the general Bond musical palette. As you watch the film, you could swear they are about to start with the classic theme, but it turns out to be just another bait and switch as they throw the opening theme at you again. But they get closer and closer to it throughout the entire film. The music builds with his character. He is becoming bond, and the music shows that.

I remember the first Brosnan film. It was the first Bond in a number of years when it came out. The best moment was when you heard that theme for the first time again. There is something about it. In these new films they aren't throwing it away so easily and I love it. The slow climax is driving me crazy, in a good way. It's brilliant. I can't wait to see how they finish refining the character and bond, in all his glory, blasts forth from the screen bathed in blood, bullets, and brass.

On a final note it would be wrong of me to not mention that Eva Green is hot. HOT!! Kate Beckinsale has been dethroned.

If you haven't seen this movie, go watch it. If you didn't like it, fair enough. Don't bother complaining if all you have to say is that there is no Q, Money Penny, gadgets, or the classic theme song. I don't really care. This movie was pure hotness.

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