Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy Birthday

This didn't exactly work out as planned. Although, maybe not in the most obvious ways. I decided not to wish the Commander a happy birthday on his birthday because, well, he hates having people know. But still, I'm feeling kind of guilty about this now.

I have been monkeying around in Flash because I want to make a game. I have high aspirations and I'd like to talk about those too, but it's late and it's not my point.

As a first stab, I really wanted to do something with the Commander and the crew, being that it is his birthday and all. My original ideas were far more ambitious than what you are about to see. I wanted to make an RPG where you run through a simple gauntlet of critters and fight Cthulhu Elvis at the end.

I started learning Flash to do this (mind you that I have plenty of Java experience though) and quickly realized I'd bitten off more than I could chew for the time I'd given myself. So, I found a tutorial and spun off a side shooter from that. I wanted to have Cthulhu Elvis at the end of this one too. But that would have been hard. Actually, I wanted the cop car to shoot at you too. That may come yet if I continue monkeying around with this.

But I didn't want to wait any longer. So, for your gaming pleasure (not sure if I'd use that word for something so tedious as this game) I present the first ever BrandX themed video game ever.

Yes, it sucks. I will strive to make the next one more interesting. Use the arrow keys. Dodge the planet/asteroids. Shoot them by pressing space. Pretend the cop car can catch and/or shoot at you for more excitement.

Oh, and happy birthday my friend. I'll work on getting Cthulhu Elvis in the next one.


Commander X said...


Thank you so much man, that's AWESOME... and way better than what I got you.

... I must draw Cthulhu Elvis now.

The Ninja said...


Because sooner or later I AM going to get Cthulhu Elvis into one of these games, and if you don't draw it, I'll be using cutouts from that Halloween party three years ago.

That would have been awesome though.

Glad you liked it!

Jaime said...

Ken I think this is to fun =) Love it!